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150 years celebration of Mahavira Swami temple, Kolkata

150 years celebration of Mahavira Swami temple, Kolkata

Mahavira Swami Shwetambar Jain temple is one of the oldest Jain temples in Kolkata, built by Sri Sukhlal Johri in the year 1868. There will be a year-long celebration of 150th year of the temple commencing from Monday, February 6, 2017.

There will be "Sri Mahavira Swami Mahapujan" on the establishment day, i.e Magh Shukla Dasami that falls this year on February 6. Dhwajarohan (Flag hoisting) will take place during the Mahapoojan followed by a Sadharmi Vatsalya (Lunch).

Samavasaran at Mahavira Swami temple, Kolkata

Wall painting at Mahavira Swami temple, Kolkata
The program will be organized under the auspices of Sadhvi Sri Sanyampurna Sri Ji, Chandanbala Sri Ji et al. Jyoti Kothari, Jaipur has planned and organized the Mahapoojan that is to occur first time ever. This is a distinguished Mahapoojan derived from the old Jain canons such as Sutrakritang, Samavayang, Upasagdasang and Dashashrutskandh. Sri Yashwant Golechha, Jaipur will perform all rituals.

Srimati Putul Kothari and Sri Pradip-Kuldip Mahamwal family will sponsor the whole program. This is worth mention that this is the first program of the year-long celebrations. You will be informed of about the next program in due course.

All of you are cordially invited to the celebration with your family and friends.

 श्री महावीर स्वामी मन्दिर, कोलकाता का सार्द्ध शताब्दी महोत्सव

क्या है महावीर स्वामी महापूजन?

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