Thursday, July 9, 2015

Paryushan Stories:Mahavira Swami and Krishna

There are few resemblence in Jain and Hindu stories and events. An event and two stories are posted here for comparison.

Event: Janmastami comes on  Bhadrapad Krishna 8 when birthday of Shri Krishna is celebrated with great enthusiasm.This is a Hindu festival.
Mahavira Swami Janma Vachan is celebrated in similar way just after seven days i.e. on Bhadrapad Shukla 1. It is worth noted that this is not birth day of Mahavira Swami. However, Kalpasutra describes his Birth on that day.

Story 1: There is a story about Krishna that he lifted Govardhan hill in Gokul to resist divtetorship of Indra. Similarly Mahavira Swami shaked Meru Parvat on the event of his Janma Kalyanaka (Birth celebration). He had done it to eliminate confusion from the mind of Indra. It is worth noted that Indra is present in both places.

Story 2: There is a story of Krishna that he defeated Kaliya Naga at river Yamuna. He compelled Kaliya Naga to leave the river.
There is a similar story of Mahavira Swami with Chandakaushika Naga. He preached the Naga and he it became ascetic.

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