Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kummar Chatterjee sings Jain classical in Jaipur

Kummar Chatterjee, Jain classical singer

Mr. Kummar Chatterjee sang Jain classical songs in Jaipur on Sunday, May 25, 2014. Bothra Foundation with Shruti Mandal organized the event at Maharana Pratap Sabhagar, Vidyashram. Mr Chatterjee is a renowned classical singer performing Jain events internationally. He is specialized in singing Jain Mantra, Sutra and Stotra in classical music. He is from Shantipur, West Bengal and presently living in Mumbai

At Maharana Pratap auditorium in Jaipur, he started with chanting Navkar Mahamantra and several other Stutis. He then sang a devotional song "Anand ki ghadi aai" by Upadhyay Yashovijayji. The next one was "Rishabh Jineshwar Pritam" by Adhyatma Yogi Sri Anandghanji. He amalgamated " Namastava Sutra (Logass Ujjoyagare") with the song. Jyoti Kothari, comparing the program introduced Upadhyay Yashovijayji and  Anandghanji. He also connected Navkar Mahamantra with classical form of music. He explained how Logass Sutra helps in Kundalini Jagaran and connected with Sapt Chakra of Yoga.

Mr. Kummar Chatterjee then sang "Aisi karo bakhshish" by Sri Gunavilasji and "Jin tere charan ki sharan grahun" by Yashovijayji. He chanted "Shakrastava Sutra" (Namotthunam Arihantanam) and Prarthana Pranidhan Sutra (Jayveeyaraya Jagaguru) along with the devotional songs. He inspired everyone in the audience to chant "Namo Jinanam Jiya bhayanam" to get rid of all kinds of fears. Jyoti Kothari was explaining all along.

The next one was "Kalpasutra Sukhkari" by Sri Veervijayji. " Uvasaggaharam Stotra" by Bhadrabahu Swami was chanted with Parshwanath Ashtak devoted to Lord Parasnath. He sang and chanted "Ajiyasanti Stava" by Sri Nandishen Muni on public demand. The Stava is one of the oldest Jain song composed in Prakrit language devoted to two Lords Ajeetnath and Shantinath.

Parasnath Stuti "Drem drem ki dha pa ma pa" written by Dada Jin Kushal Suri was an added attraction. Dada Jin Kushal Suri  composed this with the notations of ancient Indian musical instrument Sarangi. He finished with "Padmavati Ashtak" and "Bhairav Ashthak". Both of these Stotras were chanted in Druta Laya. He sang all devotional songs and Stotras in classical for using various Raga and Ragini. Mr Kummar also explained healing power of these Mantra, Stotra and Sutras.  There was a standing oration for the singer and the organizer Sri Subhash Bothra.

Hon'ble Justice Sri Manish Bhandari, Rajasthan High court; Padmabhushan Sri D R Mehta, former chairman, SEBI; Sri Vimal Chand Surana and Sri Bhaskar Bhai Chowdhury lighted the lamp to initiate the event. Sri Prakash Chand Surana, President, Shruti Mandal presented flower bouke to Sri Kummar Chatterjee and Subhash Bothra to Hon'ble Justice Sri Manish Bhandari, Chief guest. Sri Manak Kala, convener, Sakal Jain Samaj, Jaipur; Sri Sanjeev Bothra, Bothra foundation; and Sri Mahendra Choudhuri garlanded the accompanists likes of Manas Bhuiyan, Milind Shevde and Shailesh. Pranay Bharadwaj introduced the artists before starting of the program.  

Jyoti Kothari, compared entire program by explaining Mantra, Sutra, Stotra and Bhajan and extended vote of thanks.

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