Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hungarian scholar's book release about Anandghan

  Anandghan was a great Jain ascetic of 17th century. He lived mostly in Gujrat and Rajasthan and breathed his last at Merta city. He lived his ascetic life with spirituality and blessed many ones lives. He was also a great poet who wrote devotional songs and lyrics with great spiritual, cultural and literary values. Most of his literature is written in Pingal, a local type of old Hindi.

Inspired with virtues of Sri Anandghan ji Maharaj, Dr. Imre Banga, a Hungarian scholar and professor at Oxford university translated some of his lyrics into English language. Hungarian Information and Cultural Center has decided to release his book "Its city showman's show" on April 3, 2014. Sri Girdhar Rathi, renowned poet will be the Chief guest of the occasion whereas Jyoti Kothari will be the guest of honor. The Director, Hungarian Information and Cultural Center has invited all Jain people at their center at 1A, Janpath, New Delhi at 6 PM to attend the ceremony.

Dr. Imre Banga met me today and we have discussed several matters related to Anandghan. It is believed that this was his last but one birth and Anandghan is moving as omniscient in Mahavideha Kshetra at present. He will be liberated in this very birth from there.

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