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Benefits of Religious Minority status for Jain Community

Government of India has now declared Religious Minority status for Jain Community. There are several benefits and advantages of having Religious Minority status. These benefits are institutional, social and personal.  Though we sought minority status simply to save our temples, pilgrimage centers, and our social / religious institution from Government interference; however, we should now avail, wherever required, all facilities provided for minority communities.
 This note is just for awareness of all Jains, especially those managing religious organizations and institutions.

Benefits and advantages

* Government can take over majority community temples and religious organizations but cannot touch any minority worship places and other organizations. Hence, this religious minority status will help us protecting Jain temples, pilgrimage centers, educational institutes and other organizations.

अल्पसंख्यकों के लिए राज्य सरकार का १०० करोड़ का बजट : अतिरिक्त मुख्य सचिव

Some other benefits and advantages of religious minority status are listed below.
  1. Religious Minority status for Jains will ensure protection of one of the oldest live religions of the world —Jainism as well as the unique Jain way of life.  Jain community will be eligible to conserve its religion, languages, culture etc as per provisions of article 25 to 30 of Indian constitution.
  2. The government cannot take over Jain religious places such as temples, dadabadi, samadhi,      pilgrimage centers, trusts etc. Moreover, the government has to take initiative for safety and security and development of such centers.
  3. Properties owned by Jain religious trusts will be exempted from rent control act. 
  4. Jain educational Institutes will have the right to teach Jainism and its philosophy.
  5. The government will provide various benefits in opening and running a school, college, hostel, research institutes, hospitals etc.  Government land will be obtained at a subsidized rate.  
  1. Government interference will be minimized in opening and running educational and other institutes.  
  2. Jain institutions will be able to reserve 50% seats for Jain students.
  3. Meritorious and BPL students will get the full exemption in tuition fees in schools. 
  4.  Jain students will be eligible of free or subsidize coaching in coaching colleges run by universities.  
  1. Jain students will be eligible of grants for training in business and administrative courses. 
  1. Jains will have access to cheaper and subsidized loan for technical and other education and also for business.  
  1. The government will pay grant and scholarship to promote cultural and games and sports activities to Jain students and youth.  
  1.  There will be wealth tax exemption for donations for charitable and religious causes.  
  1.  Jain community will get special benefits in government employment. 

A misconception to be removed
People, including many Jains, consider Jains as a rich and advanced society not in need of some government support or benefits like a reservation. However, this is not the complete truth.  It is, indeed, true that mainstream Jain communities likes of Oswal, Shrimal, Agrawal and Saraogi are rich business class communities and comparatively advanced; but there is a large population of Jains belonging to communities that are socially and economically deprived.

There are several communities belonging to low-income groups engaged in labor-intensive professions including small farming. The lesser known fact is that a large number of Jains belong to such groups are even below poverty line (BPL Jains). The almost unknown fact is that several Dalit, OBC, tribal and scheduled caste communities also follow Jainism. Even the mainstream Jain communities are largely ignorant of this fact. These deprived communities following Jainism are badly in need of central and state government schemes for minority communities.  

Here is a hastily prepared list of some lesser known Jain communities with their major engagements and localities. All these communities and many more following Jain religion are in dire need of the benefits of minority status.

Khandelwal — Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Marathwada.
Asathi Vaishya —  Ayodhya (U P). 
Jaiswal — Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat.
Bagherwal— Rajasthan.
Porwal  Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh 
Humbad and Kuchchhi Oswal  Gujrat
Bogar — Karnataka

Bakarwal (shepherds) — Kashmir
Gujjars (shepherds) — in Western India
Bhavsar (tailors )Gujarat, Maharashtra, 
Chippiga and Saitwal (tailors ) — Maharashtra
Jain Koshti (weavers) — Vidarbh (Maharashtra)

Chaturth ( peasants) — South Maharashtra, North Karnataka
Jain Gouda ( peasants) — South Karnataka
Dhakad, Jaat ( peasants) — Haryana, Punjab, North Rajasthan, Western Uttar Pradesh
Nainar  — ( peasants)Tamil Nadu
Patidar  —( peasants) Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh
Sadaru  — ( peasants) Karnataka
Pancham (cultivators and traders ) — North Karnataka, South Maharashtra
Parwar (cultivators and Traders) Bundelkhand (M.P.-U.P.)

Jain KalarDharmpal, Metaraj,  Veerval  (Dalits)— Rajasthan and Malwa (MP).
Kshatriya Parmar in Gujarat, Meena in Rajasthan and Saraak in Bengal and Jharkhand are tribal communities whereas Khatri in Punjab is a warrior community following Jain religion. 

I urge all members of Jain communities to know about such benefits and claim it for themselves, community members, religious, social and educational institutes. 

Gazzete Notification

Admission opportunity for Jain students in Technology college

जैन वास्तव में धार्मिक अल्प संख्यक ही हैं

राजस्थान में खून की नदी न बहाने दें




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