Monday, July 8, 2013

Theft of Jain idols at Mudbidri

Gemstone idol stolen from mudbidri, karnataka
Theft of Jain idols from Mudbidri
I have got an email attachment which says that some thieves have stolen gemstone idols of Jain Tirthankara from Mudbidri, Karnataka. Thieves stolen this in planned way cutting all security equipment with gas cylinders.

This is an attack on the faith of Jain and community will take it seriously. Jain community is a leading community in India living peacefully. Both the state and central government are requested to refer the matter as urgent and take it in their priority list.

Similar incident happened in Chintamani temple, Azimganj in 1990s. I met SB Chavan, the then Union Home Minister who took the matter seriously. Some of the idols were recovered. However, most of the idols could not be recovered after all efforts.

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