Thursday, July 11, 2013

Petition to ban meat export

India is a non-violent country. It is the nation of Lord Mahavira, Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi. Our morality compels us not to slaughter any animal. However, the sad truth is that India is exporting huge quantity of meat and slaughtering millions of cattle and other animals for the purpose.

Government of India, in a recent press release, asked common people for their opinions about meat export. Jain Acharya Ratna Sundar Suri is trying his best to ban meat export where as Muni Maitriprabh Sagar  has  devoted himself for the purpose. He sat on Anshan several times against slaughter houses.

Indian constitution bars slaughter of  healthy and productive cattle. On the contrary, meat importing countries have a mandate of importing meat of healthy animals only.  Hence, exporting cattle meat is clearly against the constitution and should be banned.

It is better for us to send as many as possible letters, Emails etc to the authority concerned to protect and propagate Ahimsa, the key value of our religion. 

Please write a letter or just E-mail Rajyasabha Secretariat to ban meat export from India addressing the following.

Shri R.P.Tiwari
Deputy Director,
Rajya Sabha Secretariat
Parliament House Annexe
New Delhi 110001

Subject: Petition praying review of Meat export policy

Vardhaman Infotech
A leading IT company in Jaipur 
Rajasthan, India

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