Monday, June 3, 2013

Jain community can take benefit of minority status

Members of Jain community can take benefit of minority status in several states in India. it is well known fact that Jain community is a religious minority in India. However, central government of India has not yet notified Jain community for this status. Jain community is fighting to get this status and political pressure is required to get the same. Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian and Parshee are the five communities notified by central government as minority. They are enjoying benefits of minority status since long time.

Jain community has lesser population than most of these communities. It is strange that they have not yet given the status. Our social and political leadership must think on this matter. we, at Rajasthan state are trying to get minority status for Jain society.

Some of the state governments likes of Bihar, Up, Mp, Andhra Pradesh, Gujrat etc have already acknowledged and  notified Jain as religious minority but most of the Jain community members are not aware of the benefits of minority status. Punjab state government has joined the que recently in declaring Jain as minority community. Normally only one particular community reaps all the benefits of minority status and Jain are lagging far behind.

There are benefits for minority institutions such as temples, educational institutes etc. it will be better for our social and religious leadership to study those specific benefits and take advantage. If other communities are enjoying these why not us.

Several benefits are state specific. There are minority commissions in center and all states. They have their specific projects, aids for individuals , groups and institutions.  I urge to be aware of these state specific projects and reap benefit.

We have to change our mind set. There is a false perception that all members of Jain communities are rich. I do not deny that Jain is a rich society but there are large Jain population who are economically challenged. should Jain leadership think of them? Can these Jain get privilege in admission in educational institutes? Can they get benefit in getting cheaper loans under state government schemes for minority communities?

There are many flagship program for religious minority. I urge to study those and publish to bring awareness among ordinary Jain.

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