Monday, June 10, 2013

Digambar Jain Muni Tarunsagar putting white cloth on his body

Digambar Jain Muni Tarunsagar putting white cloth on his body
Digambar Jain Muni Tarunsagar putting white cloth on his body
I have found several pictures of Digambar Jain saint Muni Tarunsagar in which he put a white cloth on his body. One of such photo is posted above. We know that Swetambar Jain monks and nuns wear white clothes where as Digambar Jain Muni live naked. This is the main difference between Swetambar and Digambar Jain saints.

Digambar Jain Muni Tarunsagar is keen in unity of Shwetambar and Digambar Jain communities. He is trying to unify both these societies to strengthen Jain unity. Putting white cloth on the body in various occasions is a great step towards this unity. I admire his action and hope his effort will act as catalyst in Digambar-Shwetambar unity.

It is worth noted that Shwetambar community recognize monk hood with or without clothes. However, Digambar principles do not recognize a person with clothes as monk. Muni Tarunsagar putting (wearing?)  white cloth is a revolutionary step in his actions as Digambar Jain Muni.

He is known as and likes to be known as revolutionary Jain saint. He has taken several revolutionary steps during his journey. Putting white cloth on the body is the most vital step and the most revolutionary action among all of them.

It gives me more pleasure that there is no hue and cry from orthodox Digambar Jain community members regarding this step of Muni Tarunsagar. It seems that they have also accepted this and this is also a vital step towards Jain unity.

Shwetambar Jain monks Lalitprabh Sagar and Chandraprabh Sagar are also inclined to the unity of both these sects. Both of them will observe their chaturmas in Jaipur along with Muni Tarunsagar. An effort of joint chaturmas is going on and laymen of both these communities are united in this front. This chaturmas in Jaipur can be proved historic and revolutionary.

Let us hope for the best.

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  1. Nice article, such a very useful information about Jain Muni and Jain Religion. Thanks for it.

    Jain Tirth

  2. That's not true, if you check this again you will find it's an Plastic mat that Jain Muni use in Cold OR to save from mosquito.