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Great Jain orator saints Lalitprabh and Chandraprabh

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There are several Jain saints who preaches for the welfare of people. Jain monks Lalitprabh Sagar and Chandraprabh Sagar are renowned among them. These two great Jain orator saints are popular among general people. Their public specches catch thousands of people from all communities. They are not limited to Jain communities.

Lalitprabh Sagar and Chandraprabh Sagar are two brothers who initiated with their parents. Gani Mahimaprabh Sagar, their father left for his heavenly abode seven years back. Since then, these two brothers are independently preaching ideologies of Lord Mahavira. "Astha", a popular TV channel propagates their lectures every morning between 9.00 to 9.30 AM. Large numbers of books, audio and video CDs are also published for the benefit of people in general. All these teaches people Jainism and ethical values.

They will observe their Chaturmas this year in Jaipur along with their pupil Shantipriya Sagar. Sri Jain Shwetambar Khartar Gachchh Sangh, Jaipur will organize their Chaturmas. Both the brother saints along with their pupil will stay at Vichakshan Bhawan, MSB Ka Rasta, Johri Bazar, Jaipur. They will deliver their popular speeches from 8.45 to 10.15 AM at famous Dashara Maidan in  Adarshnagar area between July 21 and September 1. At least ten thousand people are expected daily in their Pravachan. Their Chaturmas will become an example of of the unity of Shwetambar and Digambar Jain. All of you are invited.

दिगंबर-श्वेताम्बर एकता की मिसाल बनेगा जयपुर

Both Lalitprabh Sagar and Chandraprabh Sagar carries a scholarly tradition behind them. Renowned Jain scholar and historian late Agarchand Nahata is their maternal grand father and late Bhanwar Lal Nahata is maternal uncle. Both the brothers had their initial religious education from Nahatas. They learnt a lot from them. Both the brothers also studied in Varanasi and involved in Jain philosophical researches. Chandraprabh Sagar was awarded with prestigious "Mahopadhyay" degree.

Lalitprabh Sagar and Chandraprabh Sagar were instrumental in setting up "Samvodhi Dham" at Kaylana road, Jodhpur. It is a place for peace and meditation. There are Jain temple, Dadabadi, museum, meditation center, dharmshala and bhojanshala situated at Samvodhi Dham campus.

Both the brothers organize camps for meditation "Samvodhi Dhyan" several times in a year. They organize camps in Samvodhi Dham and other suitable places.

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