Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wonderful initiative to cultivate Jainism among young Jain

Sri Dharmendra Tank, Jaipur has taken a wonderful initiative to cultivate Jainism among young Jain last week. I appreciate and praise his effort.

It was usual Christmas break and his relatives reached Jaipur with festive mood. However, Dharmendra had something different in his mind. I got a phone call asking whether I was free or not. I asked him purpose and he told me that he wanted a spiritual session with his family members. It was scheduled for the next afternoon (December 30, 2012).

We gathered at his drawing room accompanied with his sisters, in laws, nephews and nieces (A group of 25). Most of them were young and middle aged. One of his niece asked a question about Jainism to start the discussion. I replied the same in details and the session was followed with several other questions. All of them were curious, attentive and serious. Serious intellectual discussion continued for 3 hours and all were satisfied.

It was a learning session for me too. Many of the young present there had their education abroad, they are qualified professionals. They do not believe in mere rituals. They don't want to follow Jainism blindly. They wanted logic behind everything. They were satisfied when I spoke logically.

I am explaining an important thing came into my notice that session. Most of the mothers tried to impose Jainism in form of several rituals, dos and don'ts. And these were unacceptable to young sons and daughters. They had, naturally, resentment and some kind of rebellion attitude against this. I came to the conclusion that this is the main reason for the young and youths for not following religion. When I spoke logically they accepted most of the things.

My conclusion is that the young are as spiritual as us. It is better not to blame them but to blame ourselves. We are failed to convey Jainism in modern context.

Thanks to Dharmendra for organizing such session which may be eye opening for many of us. I would request those who attended the discussion to write their experience and opinion in the comment box.

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