Friday, January 11, 2013

Jain delegates in Jaipur met BJP leaders to discuss recent issues

Jain delegates in Jaipur met BJP leaders today to discuss recent issues such as attacks on Jain saints, breaking Jain idol in Narlai, Pali district, Rajasthan etc.

A delegation comprised of leaders and eminent persons from all sects of Jain met Sri Arun Chaturvedi, President BJP, Rajasthan at BJP state head quarter at 11 AM. BJP state president had warm welcome to all delegates and asked to describe issues related. A brief introduction session was preceded before that.

At first, Jyoti Kothari, secretary, Sri Jain Shwetambar Khartar Gachchh Sangh briefed Sri Arun Chaturvedi with the matters concern. He told that there are several issues which he wants to put before the leader. He attracted Mr. Chaturvedi's attention to recent attacks on Jain monks at Bharuch and Girnar. Jain monks Muni Sri Dhyanshekhar Vijayji and Ajeetshekhar Vijayji were the victims of fatal accident at Bharuch. It is suspected that the truck accident was an willful act and should be treated as murder. Muni Sri Prabalsagarji became victim of stabbing which put him into the hospital. Both of the incidents are from Gujrat.

However, Jyoti kothari praised Sri Narendra Modi, Chief minister, Gujrat for his timely action against attackers. He informed that the attackers are arrested. He added that Mr. Narendra Modi has announced police protection for Jain monks and nuns while in transit (Vihar).

Jyoti Kothari also told that several willful accidents occurred in western Rajasthan during past few years that put several Jain saints into death. He told that Muni Jambu Vijayji, a great scholar, Sadhvi Hemprabha Sri ji and Vineet Prajnya sri ji etc are few to name. He raised issue of breaking idol at Narlai, Pali, Rajasthan where some anti social elements cut the idol of Lord Neminath from the throat. It was a very old statue in a historic temple. He demanded quick and tough action against all these issues. He requested Mr. Arun Chaturvedi to play role of main opposition in Rajasthan as well as in the center.

Several other members also spoke about the issues. Members handed over a signed petition to the BJP President. Mr. Chaturvedi assured him that he will raise the questions at appropriate forum and talk to central and provincial leadership.

The delegation then moved to the residence of Sri Omprakash Mathur, BJP leader who is looking after Gujrat issues. Jyoti Kothari handed over the same signed petition to him and briefed the issues. Mr. Omprakash Mathur also assured the delegation of appropriate and immediate action.

Sri Sunil Kothari, Sri Nirmal Nahta and Sri Ajay Dhandhia played pivotal role in organizing both the meetings. Jain community is thankful to them.

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