Thursday, January 3, 2013

Attacks against Jain saints in Gujrat

There are attacks against Jain saints since few days. It is happening in Gujrat state which is traditionally a safe heaven for Jain monks and nuns. It seems that this is a planned conspiracy. There are several attacks against Jain monks even a monk is stabbed. There were several road accidents which caused fatal for the Jain monks. All these are happening at the same period which creates doubt in the minds of common Jain. 

One of my friends informed me that while protesting peacefully in Bharuch police cracked down over the Jain protesters. More than 50 injured in lathi charge. Eminent social server likes of Kumarpal V Shah was arrested and held by Gujrat police. 

Everybody knows that Jain community is a non violent community believing in peaceful co exixtence with all other communities in India and overseas. They never indulge in violence, nor do they break peace of a state or country. Normally they do not even protest on petty issues.
Even after a track record of non violence and peaceful co existence why the community is victim of such violence?

Why all these?
Mr. Nischal Seth, Tokyo wrote this in face book:
 "In a very unfortunate event, today (01.01.2013) at about 7;30 am on NH No. 8 near Bharuch (Near Hotel Atithi between Bharuch and Asuriya Vihardham) , two Sadhu Bhagvant viz. Shri Dhyanshekar Vijayji & Shri Hastgiri Vijayji were crushed to death by a tyrant truck driver. Both sadhu bhagwants were walking on extreme left of the road side on the soil and were hit from the back giving no chance even by horn or no brake was applied. Both sahdu bhagwants have been moved to Civil Hospital at Bharuch for postmortem and their Palkhi (Antimyatra) will begin at about 12:30 hr from Civil Hospital, Bharuch.. To create awareness among all, Agnisanskar will be given at the place of accident on NH No. 8 (200 metre from Hotel Atithi from Bharuch to Vadodara - appx SIX KILOMETERS from Zadewahwar chowkdi towards Baroda)."
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  1. 108 Prabala Sagara Muni Maharaj of Girinar stabbed.
    The Pontiff of Shri Jain Mutt moodbidri presses for ample protection of Digambar Jain Sadhus and Saints.
    108 Prabala Sagara Muni Maharaj, who was engaged in tapas on the Mount of Girinar, Gujarat, the Digambar Jain holy land of Bhagavan Neminatha Theerthankara, was prevented from his tapas and stabbed four times by some miscreants in the evening 6.35 p.m on Friday, January 1. This has shocked the entire Jain community in the country and it has registered its strong protest. There is no protection for the innocent Digambar Jain Sadhus and Saints in Gujarat. The authorities should immediately grab the culprits and give them deterrent punishment. The authorities should provide ample protection for the holy places of Digambar Jain community and ensure safe darshan of their sacred places. Swastishri Charukeerti Bhattaraka Panditacharyavarya Mahaswamiji, the Pontiff of Shri Jain Mutt, Moodbidri and the Paramasamrakshaka of Girinar Bachao Samskriti Vedike has demanded the protection of Digambar Jain Holy places and Sadhus and Saints by fax messages to the District Administration and the Chief Minister of Gujarat. His Holiness has prayed to Bhagavan Parshwanath and wished speedy recovery to the Muni Maharaj convalescing under the nursing by the Jain community. His Holiness has called for a special meeting in Shri Guru Basadi of Moodbidri to register protest to the incident on Friday, January 4 at 6. 30 pm. in the evening. He has requested the Jain community members to attend the meeting and express solidarity