Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jain Muni Maitriprabh Sagar on Anshan (Fast) against slaughter houses

 Jain Muni Maitriprabh Sagar has been on Anshan (Fast) against slaughter houses. He has been on fast in Surat, Gujrat since last three days demanding ban on slaughter houses. There was a rally in Surat city of Gujrat in his support on May 29, 2012. Large numbers of people are demanding ban on slaughter houses and action against illegal cattle trafficking. Several national TV news channels covered the issue.

Jain monk Muni Maitriprabh Sagar is renowned for his movements against slaughter houses. He had his first Anshan of 17 days at Baraut in Uttar Pradesh. Recently ha had a successful Fast at Palitana, greatest Jain pilgrimage center. The government of Gujrat declared ban on animal slaughter at Palitana.

Jainism believes in non- violence and vegetarianism. Anshan of Jain monk Muni Maitriprabh Sagar is a step towards that. We support his step and invite you to support the movement.

PP Maitriprabhsagar Ji breaks his 36 days' fast in Malpura

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