Sunday, April 1, 2012

Navpad Oli in Chaitra

 Navpad consists of nine supreme powers in the universe. There are five Parameshthi Pad and four Pad related to Dharma. Five Parameshthi includes two Dev tatva and three Guru tatva. Navpad is also called Siddhachakra.

Devotees worship these nine supreme powers during Navpad Oli by observing Ayambil tap and worshipping them with several rituals. Devotees observe Jap, Tap, chanting and meditation during the period. 

Navpad Oli comes twice in a year in Ashwin and in Chaitra, lunar months in Indian calendar. Chaitra Oli began this year on March 29 and will continue till April 6, 2012. It will end on Chaitri Poornima.

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