Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Minority status for Jain community

 Jain community is in minority in India. Constitution of India speaks that any religious community in India who has less than fifty percent share in population is a minority community. However, it can get minority status only if central or state governments notify that. Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian and Parshi communities have already been notified as minority by the central government of India.

Central government of India has not yet declared Jain community as a minority. We have aproached the government several times but yielded no result. However, some state governments such as Maharashtra and Bihar declared Jain as minority.

It is demand of the time that we claim for minority status to save our temples, pilgrimage centers and other institutions.

PP Muni Nayapadmasagar, Mentor, JITO (Jain International Trade Organization) has again taken initiative to obtain minority status. A delegation met Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh some time back for the same. It is better to support the cause.

Please view the article linked below . The article was written by eminent Jain scholar Sri Surendra Bothra in the year  1999.

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