Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jain Encyclopedia: New Jain website

We are in process of creating a new Jain website,  that will work as Jain encyclopedia. We are planning to make this website so that it will contain anything and everything about Jain and Jainism. The site address is .

Jain Encyclopedia, the new Jain website will contain most of the important aspects of Jain religion, Jain society, Jain philosophy, Jain history and culture, literature, Jain business and jobs, Jain organizations, Jain temples and pilgrimage centers, Jain education, Matrimonial, Tours and travel and several other aspects.

The site will have dynamic features such as Jain blog, forum, news and events. We will also load videos and images.

 You can send descriptions to the E-mail address to be included in this website. Your name will be published with this information.

Please send your real name while mailing to us. You can also send us soft copies of any documents, images, videos etc. Please do not violate copyright act and do not send any unauthorized documents.

We hope that this website will be proved very useful for information about Jain and Jainism. We will cover aspects and information of both Swetambar and Digambar sects of Jain.

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  1. Hi just managed to get thru the website, but not able to, think it is still under construction.

    But I see that the site is being made in Drupal, was wondering on why not in PHP which is a more flexible coding structure

    I would be happy if you share the reason for the same, which would give me more idea on the same

    Joyjeet Sahela
    Kolkata, India

  2. Dear friends,

    At the beginning, I wish my friend Jyoti Kothari all the best in his attempt in starting this site. I am honoured by his invitation to share photos of Jain temples that I have in my album with this site.

    Decades ago, around February,1971, I visited Rajasthan for the 1st time with my mother, That was when I was a Trainee Engineer at Dhuvaran,Gujarat. One of the temples I visited was Dilwara temple of Mount Abu. I was overwhelmed by the intricate work on marble. That was my 1st ever visit to a Jain temple.But, I have no photos from that visit to share

    Later, I visited Dilwara temple 2nd time - also other 'sites' like caves at Badami and Aihole of Karnataka.Each of these places offer an opportunity to go through an important chapter in the 'History of Jain Temple Art'. But, I need to learn more about Jain Iconography before I start writing on them.May be some of the blogs the future participants of this site will teach me more on this subject.

    At this moment, I shall share my blog on Ranakpur with visitors of this page :


    Hope my friends will appreciate the collection.

    Best wishes.

    Shyamal Chatterji