Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pratishtha: Jin Dutt Suri Dadabadi, Dholka

 Dholka, 38 KM from Ahmadabad is the birth place of first Dadagurudev Sri Jin Dutt Suri. Jin Dutt Suri was a renowned saint possessing rare qualities and virtues of an Acharya. He was Yugapradhan. First Dadaguru is being remembered by his millions of devotees worldwide even after eight centuries passed his death.Jain community especially Khartar Gachchh worship Dadaguru with dedication and devotion.

Dholka is also renowned for Jain pilgrimage center Kalikund Parasnath. There is a big temple of Kalikund Parshwanath at Dholka. There is a Dadabadi opposite to Kalikund Parasnath temple which is rebuilt. Pratishtha ceremony will take place between February 3 and 6, 2012 at the new premises. Large numbers of Khartar Gachchh Sadhu (Monks) and Sadhwi (Nuns) including Sri Kushal Muni, Muni Sri Mahendrasagar and Sadhwi Sri Maniprabha Sri will be present with their disciples during pratishtha ceremony. 

Travel Rajasthan: Malpura Dadabadi, Dadaguru Jin Kushal Suri

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  1. jay gurudev,
    dada shree jin duttguru dev ke charno main vandan.
    kamal golchha