Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Jain website

We are in process of creating a new web site about Jain religion, philosophy, society, travel, arts and culture, education, pilgrimage, heritage, history, organizations, business, jobs, food etc. we are adding more topics to the list.We will try to load information as much as possible.

The website will content exhaustive information about Jain, Jain society and Jainism (anything and everything) irrespective of sects that means we will include information of Shwetambar, Digambar et al.It can also be seen as a Jain portal.

We are gathering information about all these. If you have any information which you think useful for the site, please inform us at

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  1. do u know Jains are usually very welcoming and friendly toward other faiths and often help with interfaith functions.

  2. Namramuni is the great Jain monk of India. Shri Namramuni is the youngest Jain monk of Gondal Sampraday. Namramuni Maharajsaheb is the most follwoed Jain monk of the country.