Thursday, September 30, 2010

Khoh: Oldest Jain temple in Jaipur

Suparshwanath Swetambar Jain temple Khoh Nagorian is the oldest Jain temple in Jaipur. It is situated at Khoh Nagorian, 4 KMs from Chulgiri. Time of establishment of the emple is unknown but it is as old as seven hundred years or more.

Khoh was the oldest capital of Kachhawa dynasty who ruled Rajputana for several centuries.

There is a huge Patt of Sammet Shikhar inside the temple. The Patt is unique in its nature. This is the Only Patt of Sammet Shikhar in which one can offer Puja to all Tonks (temples).

Annual program of the temple will be celebrated on October 3, 2010. Satrah Bhedi Puja followed by a lunch will be included in the annual program.

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