Thursday, June 17, 2010

Process of Chaturmas in Jain Agam

Chaturmas is near by. Jain Sangh at different places are preparing for chaturmas of Jain monks and nuns. It is the right time to know process of chaturmas as defined in various Jain Agam (Sacred Text).

Monks and nuns can not declare their chaturmas prior to samvatsari according to Jain agam "Kalpasutra".

If they do so, the house holds repairs, paints etc in the upashray or other places specified for chaturmas. Violence is involved in all these acts and the monks and nuns are held liable for these violence. Hence, they are not allowed to declare their chaturmas pre-samvatsari.

It is also said in Jain Agam (Shastra) that the monks and nuns ask house holds for accommodation. If they agreed monks and nuns can stay there for chaturmas. However, the present day practices are different. Shravak Sangh (Jain house holds) approach monks and nuns for chaturmas. If they agree they arrange for chaturmas. This practice is against Jain Agam.

Should all of us rethink?
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