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Akha Teej: Varshi Tap Parna of Sadhwi Hempragya Shree

Varshi Tap Parna on Akha Teej

Varshi Tap Parna of Sadhwi Hempragya Shree took place at Mohanbadi, Jaipur on the eve of Akha Teej (Akshay Tritiya). Sadhwi Hempragya Shree is a disciple of famous Jain nun Sadhwi Shri Vichakshan Shree.

Sadhwi Mridula Shree of the same group has also observed Varshi Tap (First year). It is to be noted that Varshi Tap continues for more than two years. One has to observe four hundred days of fasting (alternate days) to accomplish Varshi Tap.

The function started with the discourses of several nuns of Sadhwi Maniprabha Shree group. Vimal Chand Surana, convener of the program also delivered his speech and admired the Varshi Tap. MS. Sushma, director, Vardhaman open university, Kota, described the significance of Tap in Jainism.

Lord Adinath and Varshi Tap

Varshi Tap is connected with Lord Adinath. He observed it by doing four hundred fasts continually. He broke his fast with Ikshuras (Sugarcane juice) offered by his grandson Shreyansh Kumar on the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya, Akha Teej. Sadhwi Hempragya Shree humbly told that her Varshi Tap could not be compared with that of Lord Rishabhdev, the Adinath.

Pranimitra Kumarpal V.Shah, a renowned social worker and philanthropist told in his discourse that hunger is the basic instinct of all living beings. One endeavor to conquer the very instinct of hunger while observing fast. Sadhwi Maniprabha Shree also delivered her speech. Pranimitra Kumarpal V Shah offered sugar cane juice at first to Sadhwi Hempragya Shree to break her fast. Thousands of devotees followed him by offering the same to the nuns.

The ceremony was followed by Adinath Panch Kalyanak Puja and Sadharmi Vatsalya (Lunch). Jain Swetambar Khartargachchh Sangh has organized the whole event and the Surana family sponsored the lunch.

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