Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mahavira Jayanti today

Today is Mahavira Jayanti. Mahavira Jayanti is Janma Kalyanaka or birth day celebration of Lord Mahavira. Entire Jain community all over the world celebrates this festival with great enthusiasm.

Mahavira Jayanti comes on Chaitra Shukla Trayodashi every year according to Indian Lunar Calendar. This day falls on March 28, Sunday, this year 2010.

Jain community observes this day with offering Puja, processions, enactment, symposium on Lord Mahavira and Jainism. Central Government of India has declared Mahavira Jayanti as a holiday in India.

Mahavira Jayanti is observed as Ahimsa Diwas (Non-violence day) and butcheries are closed in many states. It is also a dry day in many states in India.

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Mahavira Jayanti

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