Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Akha Teej will come twice this year

There will be two Baisakh (Vaisakh) months in this year. This is because of Adhimas system in Indian lunar calendar (Panchang). Akha Teej falls on the lunar month of Baisakh. Hence, there are two days for Akha Teej or Akshay Tritiya in this year. The first day falls on April 17 and the second on May 16, 2010.
Akshay tritiya or Akha teej is largely celebrated in Jain communities.

There is a dispute between different sects of Jain community regarding this auspicious day. Some sects will be following Akha Teej on the first date i.e. April 17 and some on the second i.e. May 16.

Lord Rishabhdev, Adinath, broke his year long fast (Varshi Tap Parna) on this day in Hastinapur. Jain community celebrates this auspicious day to commemorate Parna of Lord Rishbh Dev. Large numbers of Varshi Tap Tapaswi go for Parna on this day to Palitana and Hastinapur.

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