Saturday, January 2, 2010

Karma Theory in Jainism: Mohaniya Karma Part 4

Karma theory of Jainism depicts that Karma is divided into eight parts and we have discussed Darshanavaraniya Karma in the last part of the discussion. Third of the Ghati karma is Mohaniya Karma. Mohaniya Karma is the king of all Karma. In fact all Karma exists for infinite period due to Mohaniya Karma. This is the strongest, long lasting and most powerful of all Karma.

Mohaniya Karma is further divided in two parts:
1. Darshan Mohaniya
2. Charitra Mohaniya

Darshan Mohaniya is the main reason and root cause of Samsara. It restricts Samyag Darshan or right View. Mundane soul rotates in the earthly perspectives and can not attain Moksha (Nirvana) because of this Karma. Darshan Mohaniya Karma is always accompanied by Ajnyana. There are three types of Darshana Mohaniya according to Jain theory of Karma.

1. Mithyatva Mohaniya
2. Mishra Mohaniya
3. Samyaktva Mohaniya

Mithyatva Mohaniya causes Mithyatva or wrong belief (wrong view) and resist soul to attain Samyaktva. It has the highest time period  (Sthiti) among all Karma i.e. 7000 trillion Sagaropama.

Mishra Mohaniya also resist Soul in attaining Samyaktva or Samyag Darshan. The very nature of the karma keeps the soul in ambiguity and does not let the Soul to determine the substances (Tatva).

Samyaktva Mohaniya can exist even with Samyak Darshan. It is a type of impurity that resist the soul from attaining Kshayik Samyag Darshan.

Charitra Mohaniya is divided in to two parts according to Karma Granth. Jain Karma theory speaks that these are Kashay and No- kashay.

I will discuss the theory about Charitra Mohaniya Karma in the next part.

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