Anti Fur Day
26th,Nov. 2010
Multan, city garden .Anti Fur Day exists to celebrate animal life and humankind's special relationship with the animal .
Animal Save Movement Pakistan celebrated international Anti Fur Day on 26th Nov, 2010. in city garden Multan.

with ASMP volunteer and social workers . All participants took an oath to protect the lives of animals and to continue peaceful campaigns against cruelty to animals . Participants took an oath also that  they will boycott all leather and fur things . ASMP continue to strive for day when no animal  will live in fear or pain. In this occasion,

Khalid Mahmood Qurashi, President, Animal Save Movement said, ASMP is working for the welfare of animals since a long back & will continue its effort to reach its vision to help building a prospective society through animal welfare where co-existence of human and animal is symbiotic” . He said our Mission is to safeguard the rights of animals. To create sympathy, affection, love and respect in the minds of human beings towards animals by giving talks, writing, peaceful processions, seminars, workshops and discussions. To save the animals from being cruelly killed, hunted, caged and used in experiments. To create the feeling that animals have feelings and show emotion such as sorrow, anxiety and depression the same as humans .

 Please to save the lives of innocent  speechless creatures . GOD loves those who loves His creatures .
FARASAT ALI Bhatti ( advocate)

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