Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pratishtha in Jalgaon

Pratishtha ceremony of Jalgaon Jain Temple is scheduled on December 12, 2009. Suresh Dada Jain, a well known political entity in Jalgaon and Maharashtra has built this temple. He built a Dadabadi few years back In Jalgaon and announced building a temple at that time.

The newly built Jain temple is situated on the other side of road of the Dadabadi. Suresh Dada Jain built both jain temple and Dadabadi to honor his parents. Jain Sadhwi (Nun) Shree ManiprabhaJain temple and Dadabadi. Sri Ji inspired him to built

Pratishtha of the temple will be accomplished in the auspices of the same Sadhwi Maniprabha Sri Ji. Sadhwi Maniprabha Sri Ji is disciple of famous Jain Sadhwi Jain Kokila Shree Vichakshan Sri Ji. She belongs to Khartar Gachchha sect of Jain Shwetambar Jainism in Jalgaon and other parts of Maharashtra. community. Pratishtha of this jain temple will help expansion of

Suresh Dada Jain has invited Jain communities from all over the world to participate in the Pratishtha ceremony. Large numbers of devotees are expected to reach there from various parts of India and overseas. Major overseas participation is expected from the US and the UK.

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  1. I visited Jalgaon Dadabadi with my parents in my child hood. It is beautiful and wel built.
    Darshan Kothari

  2. I have stayed there 5 days its really a g8 experiance its amazing place for u and urs family even for sakal jain samaz

    Anand Lodha