Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pearls are not for Jain

Pearls are used as gems since ancient times. Jewelers make beautiful Jewelry from pearls all over the world. However, pearls are not for Jain community. Most of the pearls are obtained through a highly violent and Cruel process. We know that Jainism is known for Ahimsa, the non-violence.

Pearls were found naturally from both sea water and fresh water since time immemorial and people were using those in strings and other varieties of Jewelry. However, Mikimoti in Japan invented a method to culture pearls artificially. As real pears were rare, cultured pearls soon became very popular.

Later on many other varieties of artificial pearls came in the market such as Bibaco pearls, fresh water pearls and finally the Chinese pearls. Chinese pearls are also known as Hyderabad pearls in India.

All these pearls are obtained by killing oysters.  Oysters are living beings, hence it is not advisable for Jain community to use these pearls.

Millions of oysters are nurtured and injected artificially to get pearls. Those are killed to obtain pearls. It is seen that some of the Jain Jewelers are involved in this business. Though most of them do not farm oysters but they obtain pearls from fishermen who kill the oysters. Using pearls causes acute Karma Vandh.Users have to face Karmic bondage in this life or another birth.

Ghor Himsa also leads to Narak gati according to the philosophy of Jainism as preached by the Jain Tirthankar Mahavir.

I request these Jewelers to leave the business and adopt some other business that is less violent.
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  1. Request to all Jain,
    Please do not use Chinese pearls, Cultured Pearls, Bibaco pearls and other artificial pearls as these are obtained through highly violent and cruel process.
    Please ensure that these are not part of your Gems and Jewelry collection.
    Jyoti Kothari

  2. Hi,
    Many of Jain community use these pearls unknowingly. Thanks for a good post that aware Jain people of the violence involved.
    Amit Shah