Monday, December 28, 2009

Karma Theory in Jainism Part 3

Continued from Part 2.....

As I have mentioned earlier that there are eight principal Karmas and these are further divided into sub parts. I have already mentioned about Jnyanavaraniya Karma or Gyanavaraniya Karma. Here is the description of Darshanavaraniya Karma.

1. Chakshu Darshanavaraniya Karma
2. Achakshu Darshanavaraniya Karma
3. Avadhi Darshanavaraniya Karma
4. Kevala Darshanavaraniya Karma 

Chakshu Darshanavaraniya Karma is liable to restrictions and disabilities related to Chakshu (Eyes) where as Achakshu Darshanavaraniya Karma is liable for senses (Indriya) other than eyes. These senses are touch, taste, smell and hearing.

 Avadhi Darshanavaraniya Karma restricts Avadhi Darshan. Avadhi Darshan is similar to Avadhi Jnyana. Subject of Jnyana is Vishesha and that of Darshan is Samanya.

 Kevala Darshanavaraniya Karma restricts soul to obtain Kevala Darshana. Keval Jnyan and Keval Darshan always stay together.
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