Monday, November 2, 2009

Jain authors and writers invited

Authors and writers on Jainism are invited to send their bio-data with experience for professional free lance assignments.
We are in process of making a data base of Jain authors needed by publishers as wel as institutions. Many Jain institutions and publishers have contacted us for a varieties of services in the field of  publication of Jain writings, such as: 

1. Original Jain writings
2. Editing of Jain writings
3. Copy editing of Jain writings
4. Translating of Jain writings
5. Subject editing of Jain writings
6. Proof reading of Jain writings
7. Illustrating of Jain writings and other allied jobs.

You may also indicate your expected services charges for these writing and other jobs. This data base will help those who are searching for writing jobs in Jainism.

Jain authors and writers,
Please use comment box for contacting us with your e mail addres for Jain writing jobs.

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  1. Jain authors and writers,
    This is created to provide publishers and Institutes data base of professional Jain authors and writers. It will provide Jain authors and witers a platform to introduce themselves to Jain publishers and institutes. We are in contact of large number of publishers.
    Please use comment section to provide your contact details and introduction.
    Jyoti Kothari

  2. Dear Jyoti,
    I am an established author, translator and editor specializing in Jainism and Ahimsa. Please inform me in what format you want information.
    Surendra Bothra