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Karma Theory in Jainism: Origin, History, Texts and other descriptions Part 2

Continued from Part 1

As I have mentioned earlier there are six parts in Karma Grantha by Acharya Devendra Suri. Names of those six are as follows:

1. Karma Vipaka
2. Karmastava
3. Vandha Swamitva
4. Shadashiti
5. Shataka
6. Saptati

The first Karma Grantha "Karma Vipaka" deals with four types of Vandha that means bondage of karmik particles with the soul.

These four are:

1. Prakriti

2. Pradesh

3. Sthiti

4. Anubhaga or Rasa

Prakriti means nature. When a mundane soul involves in any actions, it attracts Karma Vargana (Karmik particles) from the nature and  create a bond with that. This bonded particles further divide into eight types of Karma according to the nature of actions. These eight types are:

1. Jnyanavaraniya (Gyanavaraniya)
2. Darshanavaraniya
3. Mohaniya
4. Antaraya
5. Nama
6. Gotra
7. Vedaniya
8. Ayushya

First four of these are Ghati Karma and the next four are Aghati Karma. Ghati Karma restricts a soul to obtain Kevala Jnyana (omniviscence) and Aghati from Moksha (salvation).

1. Jnyanavaraniya (Gyanavaraniya) Karma: A soul is full of wisdom and knowledge. However, Jnyanavaraniya Karma puts a cover over it and restricts a soul to obtain knowledge and wisdom. Jnyana means knowledge and Avaran Menas cover. Hence Jnyanavaraniya means which covers or restricts to aqquire knowledge. There are five types of Jnyana or knowledge

1. Mati Jnyana (28)
2. Shruta Jnyana (14)
3. Avadhi Jnyana (6)
4. Manah Paryava Jnyana (2)
5. Kevala Jnyana (1)

Jnyanavaraniya (Gyanavaraniya) Karma is also divided into five types according to their capabilities of covering each Jnyana such as Mati Jnyanavaraniya, Shruta Jnyanavaraniya and so on. These five further have sub-divisions as mentioned in the bracket above.

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