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Jain Diwali: Nirvana Kalyanaka of Lord Mahavira

Lord Mahavira Attained Nirvana (Salvation) on Diwali night. Jain community celebrates Diwali to worship Nirvana Kalyanaka of Lord Mahavira.

Mahavira, last of all twenty four Tirthankara, liberated from Pawapuri, Bihar on Kartik Krishna Amavasya. Pawapuri was called Madhyam Apapa Nagari at that time.

Mahavira, got enlightened and became omniviscent at the age of 42 in Jrimbhika village, Bihar on the bank of river Rjubalika. He eliminated all four Ghati Karma in process of Asseticism. His holiness lived and preached in the earth for 30 years after that. He has got Indrabhuti Gautama as his principal desciple alongwith ten other Ganadhara.

Lord Mahavira preached continuously and spontaneously for fourty eight hours before attaining Niravana on Diwali. He preached fifty five chapters of Punyafal Vipaka, fifty five chapters of Papafal Vipaka and thirty six chapters of Aputthabagarna alias Uttaradhyayana Sutra during these two days according to Kalpa Sutra.

There was fourteen thousands Monks and thirty six thousands Nuns in his Sangha. Indrabhuti Gautama was the head of Shramana (Monks) Sangha and Chandanvala was the head of Shramani (Nuns)Sangha of Lord Mahavira.

Indrabhuti Gautama became omniscient just after Nirvana of Lord Mahavira. Jain community observes Diwali to worship Kevala Jnyana of Indrabhuti Gautama too.

According to Kalpa Sutra, a sacred Jain text, people lighted "Dipak"(Like candle) to get earthly light. Mahavira was divine light.

Dipak also spelled as Deepak produces light. People put Deepak in series and rows. Aavali means row or line. Hence the word derived combining both Deep and Aavali was Deepavali. The word Diwali  is inherited from word Deepawali or Deepavali.

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