Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paryushan Photos: Kalpasutra

Swapnalakshana Pathaka
(Interpreters of Dreams)

Trishla tells her dreams to
Maharaja Siddhartha
Grief and Joy of Trishala Mata

Trishala Mata dreams 14 auspicious images while sleeping in her palace. She woke up and told King Siddhartha, her husband, about the dreams. She asked him about the expected result of the dreams. King Siddhartha told her that they will be bestowed with a mighty, wise and beautiful child (Picture 2) . Siddhartha calls interpreters of dreams the next morning and they endorsed his view (Picture 1) .

Once Lord Mahavira thought that his movements as embryo would be painful for his mothers. He stopped his movements to keep her mother in rest. Queen Trishala, his mother,however, interpreted it wrongly. She thought that the embryo is dead. She filled with grief and sorrow. When Lord came to know that he started moving. Trishala became joyous knowing her embryo alive(Picture 3) .

Mahavira Swami Photos in Kalpasutra 
Paryushan Photos from Kalpasutra

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