Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paryushana 2009

The chaturmasa has been started from the 6 th July. Jain monks and nuns started dwelling at one place during these four months.

The most auspicious Jain parva Paryushana is near by. Both Shwetambara and Digambara sects observe Paryushana (though in different dates). Both will be in August 2009. Shwetambara also do Samvatsarika Pratikramana on the last day of Paryushana i.e. samvatsari.

Jain people observe Paryushana in the auspicies of monks and nuns. But there are places where there are no monks or nuns. Some swadhyayi Shravakas go to those places to facilitate Jain people of those places. I, Jyoti Kothari, also volunteer myself for Paryushana every year since 1984. I had been to Tokyo last year.

I request you to inform me at if you go for Paryushana as swadhyayee or your Sangh requires a swadhyayee. This blog may help in both way.

Days Until Paryushana

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