Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jain Shivirs by Jyoti Kothari

Jyoti Kothari is teaching and conducting Jain Shivirs (Religious camps) for youngsters, college and university students, women, business persons and professionals etc. since 1981. He has started teaching from a camp in Kolkata 1981. since then he has taught and conducted different types of camps all over India and abroad.
He has been teaching Jain monks and nuns since 1986 and also guiding scholars for their Doctorate and post doctorate thesis. He has been also engaged in research programme of various Indian and foreign universities.
Kolkata in West Bengal
Chennai in Tamilnadu
Kochin in Kerala
Delhi, the capital of India
Mumbai in Maharashtra
Sangli in Maharashtra
Raipur in Chhattisgarh
Durg in Chhattisgarh
Kavardha in Chhattisgarh
Nawapara-Rajim in Chhattisgarh
Balaghat in Chhattisgarh
Chas-Bokaro in Jharkhand
Bermo in Jharkhand
Jaipur in Rajasthan
Bikaner in Rajasthan
Barmer in Rajasthan and some other places.

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  1. Pls put ur next Shivir date ,venue and contact address so interested persons can join.

    Suraj nowlakha